As an authorised marriage celebrant I am able to guide you through every step of getting married in a non stressful way that allows you to worry about all of the other stuff that makes your wedding day special. Civil marriage ceremonies can be short and sweet, traditional with as much or as little “traditional” you like or they can encompass different cultural beliefs. Thanks to law passed in December 2017 so long as I am somewhere in Australia standing before two humans that love each other and are there of their own free will…and each has a friend over 18 to act as witnesses, then we are basically set. Anything more than this and the choice is yours…that’s why it is called YOUR DAY.

All you need from me is about 120 words strategically recited in a particular order to make a marriage legal in Australia and historically I can tell you that we can get that done in less than three minutes. The NOT NEGOTIABLE bits are that I have to introduce myself and tell everyone that I am authorised to solemnise marriage in Australia. I then need to say what is known as “The Monitum” (funny story…monitum is a Latin word that translates to mean WARNING) and finally we each need to learn some legal vows that I get you to say to each other.

At least a month before I need to see both of you so we can fill out the NOIM (Notice of Intention to Marry) and so I can tell you a bit about services available to you as a couple so that you have the best chance to live happily ever after.

My service as your authorised civil marriage celebrant will more than likely fall under one of the following three headings.

  1. Wedding Ceremony
  2. Wedding Ceremony + Master of Ceremonies
  3. Legals Wedding