Renewal of Vows

Shout from the rooftop and do it all again. A renewal of vows is a way to celebrate your marriage by reaffirming the love that you share with your partner. A symbol that you have made it to 1, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30+ years of marriage and you want to let everyone know that you would do it all again in a heartbeat. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship or after the birth of your first child.

Timing, financial constraints, family members not present are all reasons why couples choose to renew their vows. Some couples may choose to renew their vows so that their children may witness the occasion, and some may want to do it just because they want to! Renewing wedding vows can often make couples feel closer and give them a sense of togetherness also, as it is a celebration of marriage and a reinforcement of the union and solemn promise made on the wedding day.

A renewal of vows is NOT a legally binding ceremony and for this reason it can take many forms that are limited only by imagination. In most cases it is a ceremony that contains a confirmation of promises and displays of affection through poetry or vows. It can involve music and will always involve family and friends.