Other Ceremonies

By definition a ceremony can be any formal act or ritual (often set by custom or tradition) performed in observation of an event or anniversary. The structure of any event can be made into a ceremonious occasion and that’s where the role of a Celebrant can help.

We live in a society that is so time poor that the role of a ceremony has become somewhat elevated from just being a performed ritual to being a form of remembrance linked to a particular point in time that needs to be preserved.

What is it that is going to make your celebration special? How do you want things to look? What are we trying to achieve for the occasion being celebrated or remembered? What is important?

In recent times the role of a ceremony has become a whole lot more personal with much more thought and memorability included to ensure that the day stands out. For some it is the use of symbols or colour, for others it is a personal reflection or solemn promise. In almost allĀ  cases the common thread in any ceremony is love.

Other ceremonies that can be performed include a birthing ceremony, reaching of puberty, becoming an adult, retirement, graduation (from school or university), pet memorials…the list goes on.