Naming Ceremonies

For many centuries in most cultures around the world┬ávarious forms of a naming ceremony has been seen and used by most parents as a secular (non-religious) alternative to a christening or baptism. The performing of a naming ceremony or naming day is seen as a recognition of the gift of life and the miracle of birth with all the love and joy that it brings. Some parents like a naming ceremony to be commensurate with the child’s first birthday but it is quite OK to have this celebration at any time of a person’s life.

Rituals that are performed can include sand ceremonies, lighting of candles, wish jars (or books), wishing trees, commemorative books, balloon releases, fairy dust blessing, rose petal blessing…the list is almost endless. The nature of these ceremonies will almost always involve parental promises, grandparent involvement and the introduction of God parents, life guardians, guide-parents, fairy God parents, life mentors or just mentors. A naming ceremony/day is a wonderful get together of friends and family to celebrate joy and love that two parents have for their child.