What you can Expect

Initial Contact / Interview

When prospective clients reach out to me I like to let them know that I am one of hundreds of celebrants that they can chose from and that it is a decision of their choosing. After the initial email or phone call/zoom I more than often suggest a communal meeting point for an open chat and a coffee (my shout) so that we can start seeing if we both fit with what each other is looking for in their choice of Celebrant.

Confirmation of Engagement – CELEBRANT SORTED

Once it is established that I am available for your chosen time / day and that you are wanting to go ahead with me as your celebrant I will send an invoice to you asking for a non-refundable deposit of $150.00. This initial invoice will also contain a firm price for your Celebrancy services along with any other associated costs that may be discussed (rehearsals/travel/accommodation /MC Services) and a contract of service that outlines the terms and conditions of engagement. Payment of this invoice will see your Celebrant sorted for the date / time / services that you are requesting.

ALL ceremonies include appropriate lodging of legals where necessary, access to a portable PA System with bluetooth and wireless capabilities, legal access to the playing of music and use of written word, table for signing with appropriate covering, signed certificate of ceremony conducted, professionally presented transcript of ceremony, writing of your ceremony with any necessary changes


At this point I will start asking you for various identification documents so that we can complete the NOIM and get that all sorted within the time frames allowed under Australian Law. When we meet up again to complete this part of the process there needs to be a formal interview so we can have a chat about other legal obligations applicable to your impending nuptials including where to find assistance and the sanctimony of marriage and what it means to be married. This is part of my legal duties as your Celebrant.

Other Ceremonies

At this point I will converse with you to get a feel for the type of ceremony you are after and what you would like it to contain. I will talk to you about any rituals or special things that you may be looking at and how we can best make what you are after happen in a professional and spectacular fashion.

Ceremony Writing and Subsequent Revisions

Once I have the basics I will start writing the ceremony and formulating what it will “look like”. This can a substantial amount of time in some cases and is quite a delicate thing to achieve. When I have completed what I like to call the first draft of the ceremony I will run it up the flagpole with my clients to make sure that we are on the right track with what things need to look like. From this point it is usually a case of one or two revisions to get things right.

Final Payment

In all cases it is expected that final payment of all professional fees will occur 14 days prior to the date of the ceremony.