Pricing Structure

When I first pursued the idea of becoming an authorised marriage celebrant I did not for one second think of the money I could make from performing various ceremonies. If I did…then chances are you wouldn’t be looking at this web page and considering me as your choice of Celebrant.

As a professional service provider to the greater community my training and expertise has a price tag attached to it. There is no regulatory authority that dictates a baseline price for the services of a Civil Celebrant. “How much do you charge” is the one question that I get asked often and it is not an easy one to answer definitively without sitting down with the prospective clients (That’s YOU) and working out what your ceremony is going to look like. I can be ready to perform a ceremony in 20 minutes if need be, whilst at other times 25 hours is not long enough to get things perfectly right with what a ceremony is planned to look like.

So with all of this taken into consideration what I charge for my services is really simple… What does it cost me to do this per year divided by the anticipated number of ceremonies I will perform plus a little extra for me to spend on a rainy day. 

Professional Fees guide

(only to be used as a guide in all cases)

  • From $497 for a midweek registry style (simple) ceremony
  • Bespoke ceremonies written specifically with the couple are priced by negotiation after meeting with the couple to discuss requirements and start from $600 to a top figure of about $950 depending on what is required.
  • I am also available to perform Master of Ceremony duties at the reception of any wedding that I solemnise for an additional fee. (Any ceremony that takes this option will be given a personal  guarantee that I will not officiate any other ceremonies on your chosen day)

Note that the above fees include lodgement of the NOIM but not the issuing of a standard (+$60) or commemorative package (+$87) marriage certificate. 

  • From $385 (average is about $480). This largely depends on type of ceremony  (cremation / interment) and family / friends availability to meet and discuss arrangements
All Other Ceremonies
  • $350 – $450 will cover almost anything that any person could want me to do for a ceremony. I am up for almost anything you can dream up…and love a challenge.

Please note… at times (and not often) a travel allowance will need to be negotiated in addition to the above rates.

Check out what you can expect and about me to give you a better understanding of me and what I can do for you to get your CELEBRANT SORTED.